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Tallulah Falls School. Lipscomb Cottage. Interior.


Tallulah Falls School. Lipscomb Cottage. Interior.


Fred J. Orr believed in the circulation of fresh air to promote health. His signature style involved breaking down the separation of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Orr was commissioned to design this cottage for the Tallulah Falls School; the building can still be visited in Tallulah Falls, Georgia.
Designed by Fred J. Orr, architect.
Hand-painted silk. 18"h x 22"w

"The home is most artistic in its design. The stone which was used in its construction, with the moss and lichen still clinging to it, was for the most part quarried on the school property...the design is in keeping with the surrounding country in its rustic and picturesque beauty. It looks as if it might have naturally grown out of the hillside on which it is planted...the dark brown and green stains used in coloring, blend with the woods and cliffs surrounding the cottage, and make it beautiful, picturesque and artistic."

*National Park Service - National Register of Historic Places. #91002026 1/30/92 

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