My love for travel is as great as my love for coffee; both fuel my soul and creativity. I find inspiration in traveling, seeking, observing, and continually learning. I love to travel to new locations, draw sketches on the spot, and return to my studio to create a new body of work for exhibition.

As I continue to practice my art and explore new places, I find beauty not only in the world around me, but also in the people who generously share their stories with me. As an artist intrigued by how spaces work together and how people live in those spaces, I delight in sharing my unique vision of the world with others who enjoy a similar sense of adventure and wonder.

Painting on silk is my métier, yet I relish working in other mediums. My mission as an artist and a person is to bring beauty into the lives of those I know and those I have yet to meet. My aim is to spread my vision and experiences to a global audience, and I hope my work inspires you to share it with others.

Gallery, commission, and exhibit queries are welcomed.


Press inquiries please email rene@reneshoemaker.com