As a painter-of-silk intrigued by the way spaces work together and how people live in those spaces, I have studied, sketched and traveled on a path to understand why a certain place "feels good". I find inspiration in traveling, observing, sitting quietly and opportunities to learn anew. 

As I continue to create art and explore new places and ideas, I find beauty not only in the world around me, but also in the people who generously share their stories. I delight in sharing my unique vision of the world with others who enjoy a sense of adventure and wonder.

Painting on silk is my métier, yet I relish exploring artistic ideas in other mediums. My mission is to bring beauty into the world. My aim is to spread this vision; I hope my work inspires you to share it with others.

I love to travel to new locations, draw sketches on the spot, and return to my studio to create a new body of work for exhibition, often returning to that location to share my new interpretation of place. This has been a quest of mine for many years. I am happy to report that I have now done exactly that around the United States, and internationally.

Gallery, commission, exhibit and workshop queries welcomed.


Press inquiries please email rene@reneshoemaker.com