365 Days + 3 Countries

Happy Holidays! 

I hope you are enjoying some quiet time in the midst of all the holiday bustle.
I am--right now--deep in the discovery process of identifying all the places my art has been displayed during 2015 and documenting those shows, so I can share the information and stories with you soon.

In the meantime I wanted to share this amazing fact with you:

This achievement would never have been possible without people like you, who have encouraged and supported me on my path to becoming a successful artist. My art in three countries! At the same time! In the same year! It is simply amazing to me and I couldn’t wait to share this discovery with you.

The satisfaction that comes from sharing my art with so many people in so many places has inspired me to share it in even more ways with you, my supporters and friends. To accomplish this, and to help with your holiday shopping, I am now making fine art reproductions of my artwork available for purchase; you can view them at  If you have questions about any of the work, need help making a selection, or want to place an order, you can contact me through the website or simply hit “reply” on this email and send me your question or tell me which work you’re interested in purchasing.

In addition to the pieces listed there, which include originals as well as prints, almost any of the artwork pictured on my website (all but the earliest pieces) can also be made into a fine art reproduction for under $100 each. My online gallery shows almost all of my artwork that has been on display since I began exhibiting 15 years ago. You may have a favorite painting or print—a piece that spoke to you when you first saw it, or that you think is perfect for someone special. If the original is still available you are welcome to purchase it, but if you prefer a fine art reproduction these are also beautiful. They are printed at a very high resolution (5,600 dpi) on a velvet fine art paper that is archival and 100% cotton. The colors are absolutely stunning printed this way—and you know how picky I am about my colors! They are work of arts in and of themselves and will arrive ready to frame.

One recent art patron who purchased a fine art reproduction (and returned to buy more!) had this to say about his purchase from the collection inspired by Athens architect Fred Orr:

“Your work is so uniquely beautiful, and it is a great reminder of a wonderful time in my life. I'm happy to have it!”

Thank you!