Doorknobs, Tools + Latches

As I look around me, in this new old French house with its two timeworn barns, I find remnants of the people who lived here before me. The masons who shaped stones and built houses, sometimes traveling for days by foot to other locales to market their skills. The farmers who lived with and tended to their animals. The workers-of- the-land who created tools by hand, when necessity required their creation. 


The stories of these items are whispered in my ear, and visit me while I sleep.

There is so much history here, and I am living it.

And here is another one of the other great experiences of the days spent here: le coucher du soleil (the laying down on the sun). Isn't it extraordinary?


My exhibit in Felletin, has been confirmed! The opening reception will be held on June 21, from 6-8 p.m., and the exhibit will be on display for three months, through August 18, 2017.

Place Courtaud, Felletin

Place Courtaud, Felletin

Exposition de peintures sur soie d'endroit et de mémoire
                                    Paintings on Silk of Place and Memory
                                            by René Shoemaker

Mairie de Felletin
12, place Charles de Gaulle
23500 Felletin


Rooftops. Paris, 14th.

Rooftops. Paris, 14th.

BMA @ Home, displays and offers my paintings on silk so that you may discover them while I am having this adventure in France. You can see the paintings, like the one above, at: 

BMA Designs
1662 South Lumpkin St.
Athens, Ga 30606 USA