Just left France.

It’s been a little crazy to think about the contrasts between the two places; I try to be aware of the differences without making value judgements.

Suffice it to say, we like it there.

Now I am back to the States with my family and Dexter, our dog. And it’s been a while since I shared. Hello!

My exhibit at Galerie AM’Carta in late August was a resounding success. I met a lot of good people, and interacted with a lot of other artists. Because of that exhibit, I was also invited to participate in an 4-artist exhibition the following month in Uzerche, France! This was an added bonus, and brought new connections and opportunities.

A view of my beloved studio in France

Wilfried Celerian, Deputy Mayor of Cultural Affairs, Felletin

Wilfried Celerian, Deputy Mayor of Cultural Affairs, Felletin

L-R: Thierry Roger, master framer and an expert yarn dyer for the tapestry trade + Nelly, owner of café L’antidote in Aubusson

L-R: Thierry Roger, master framer and an expert yarn dyer for the tapestry trade + Nelly, owner of café L’antidote in Aubusson

I’m happy to share the images of the newly-created Aubusson art and the events that surrounded the Aubusson exhibit. I so look forward to seeing what the next year in La Creuse brings!

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J'adore la ville, la fleuve et les bâtiments historiques d’Aubusson. En fait, le teinture que j’utilise pour crée mes peintures me relie, je sens, à l’histoire des artisans d’Aubusson.

Avec mes sentiments les meilleurs, j’offre mon oeuvre aux citoyens d’Aubusson.

I love the city, the river and the historic buildings of Aubusson. In fact, the dye that I use to create my paintings connects me, I feel, to the history of Aubusson craftsmen.

With my best feelings, I offer my work to the citizens of Aubusson.

My process begins with a small sketch, which leads to a larger sketch, before I even begin on the silk…

I sketch it out carefully on the silk before I even dream of painting on it. This is after many hours of research, planning, and work.

It’s such a satisfying experience to go from a tiny sketch to this! Prior to this step I set the colors and steam away any wrinkles. I also stitch a loop for the dowel at the top.

In it’s final form. La Rivière Creuse + Galerie AM’Carta. Aubusson. 2018


AND, I am excited to announce a new exhibit (closer to my Georgia, USA friends) at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens, GA. The Lyndon House is a beautiful space and I am honored to be exhibiting there with the very talented Judy Bales in a collaborative exhibit titled, aptly, “Call & Response: Works by René Shoemaker and Judy Bales”. See Judy’s work here:

Our exhibit opens on November 8th with a reception that encompasses three fascinating exhibits opening that day. The talented team of Sara Parker and Simon Hunt have mounted “Perennial Pattern: Works by Sara Parker and Simon Hunt,” and the delightful seer St .EOM of Pasaquan, a 20th Century visionary whose spirits encouraged him to build a new community in South Georgia.

I was lucky to have visited St. EOM’s home mere months before finding out I would be exhibiting with his work. Talk about synchronicity!

René Shoemaker

René Shoemaker

Judy Bales

I hope you enjoy these new French artworks, and I look forward to sharing the Lyndon House installation soon. Hope to see you at the reception on November 8th!

Much love,


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