This village is the same as it was in the 14th century!

My exhibit in Felletin opens June 1st, so I am trying to wrap up all my images, ideas, sketches, and finish my silk paintings. In the middle of all this work, I try and make time to continue exploring my new home and country. Taking long walks and sketching and researching is my heaven on Earth.

Mareugheol, in the Auvergne, by Harvey

Here are a few images I wanted to share with you of the scenes I see on my walks every day... my research of the Creuse and of the town of Mareugheol, in the Auvergne, that we discovered. Begun in the 13th century, only one century later the citizens built a wall around their town to protect themselves -- and the village has not been restored! We felt really lucky to get such a glimpse into the history of this fabulous place.

the ancient porte in  Mareugheol

the ancient porte in Mareugheol

The last three days here have been the "Days of the Ice Saints"; a point in the spring when one watches if it is the last frost date. And sure enough, it's been rainy and ice-y! So different than last week when it was sunny with clear skies and warm weather; beautiful and expansive. Today in my studio it is cold and the wind blows down the chimney and swirls around. 

I am so happy that it is so easy to share my adventures with you. Let me know more of what you want to see, in France and in the studio!