Art Around Town

The mornings are cool, the light is wonderful, and the studio calls me. Although it is getting hot in the afternoons - it was 98 degrees here yesterday! - I am staying busy. My art can be seen in a few places around town right now. The Birds! collection went up in Jittery Joe’s this morning - they look great!

Two weeks ago, the Athens Clarke Heritage Foundation called to ask if I had any “Athens themed silk scarves” they could purchase as a gift for the outgoing president, Jennifer Martin Lewis. She did an extra-special job last year leading the ACHF and they wanted to give her a special present to show their appreciation.

We decided on the 224 E. Clayton Street (Jewelry Store) 2010 piece. It was extra large because it had been created for an exhibit at Ciné where the spaces are large, so I reformatted the silk for Jennifer, hemming the edges so that it could be worn as a scarf or dispalyed as a wall hanging: 




I learned the day after the presentation that not only had Jennifer been gifted with the large silk piece, but she had also been given a framed print version of my Greyhound Bus Station 2004 silk by the Athens Welcome Center at the same event - Jennifer is well appreciated! As you look at this image, can you hear the bus rumbling into the terminal in the early morning light? 




I wanted to let you know that the group exhibit at the Oconee County Library has been extended until July 17. From our Studios is a three-woman exhibit including Robin Fay, Sarah Hubbard, and myself. Here is a copy of the poster for that exhibit:                                                                                                        

I will continue to work on the Birds! collection I wrote about on the last posting. I love the way the designs are simple, yet strong, with bold color combinations. I am VERY happy with them and am curious to see where this new design idea takes me. I am considering more bird species, new color combinations, plump pillow covers, maybe some prints? 

Let me know of your ideas for where I should take these birds!

Happy Summer Solstice!