Coffee! - 9th Street Espresso, NYC

My favorite coffee shop in all of New York City is 9th Street Espresso - and although I love the three newer locations too, I’m talking about the original, down to earth, fun-to-be-in, coffeeshop-vibe-experience storefront at 9th Street Espresso, 700 East 9th Street between Ave C & Ave D, NYC. I love returning to the Village, I love the neighborhood, I love the street scene, and I love the community garden across the street from 9th Street Espresso…

I was so moved by my experience at 9th Street Espresso that I sketched a drawing on site, then came home and made a silk painting from it (see above). This painting was in my solo exhibit at the Shade Bar at 241 Sullivan Street (between Bleecker St and 3rd St).

You can be sure that the day of my exhibit, after eating a yummy grilled eggplant sandwich at the Shade, I walked to the East Village and had a shot of 9th Street Espresso to keep me going deep into the night!

I highly encourage anyone who values a great coffee experience to stop by 9th Street Espresso. Their no-nonsense approach to creating a great cup of espresso is very satisfying!