Discovering Chartres

StAignanChurch_ChartresFrance-WP We discovered St Aignan Church on the way up the hill from the Auberge de Jeunesse, spending quite a bit of time in there. The patterns of the chairs caught my eye, along with this section cut into the wall. What stories could be told there?

On the old market square in Chartres, where they now sell flowers, we had our first coffee and hot chocolate. A glass of water was 20 centimes extra, but it was chilled. On that first night, from the Auberge, we could see the light from the setting sun hitting the clouds and lighting up the sky around the cathedral. C'était superbe.

The café, 'La Chocolaterie', was on the corner with umbrellas covering the tables, and we ducked under them as it started to rain. It was the middle of the week, and it was quiet in the town.

I love looking at the doors & windows, the patterns they create, and the street corners with the irregular architecture that is older than my country has been in existence. Just about everywhere I look I see inspiration for my art.


I'm exploring France and calling it research. What artwork will come from my current experiences?  In just a few weeks we'll be celebrating the opening of my first exhibit in Paris!