My mind has been in Italy lately… I have been working on several new pieces in preparation for a grant application. I looked through my sketches and photographs from two previous trips to Italy (in 1998 and 2007). They brought back great memories, of course, but also made me realize once more that for my process, I really need to BE THERE to experience the place! That’s by far the best way to create some really rich, meaningful artwork. I’m still pleased with the results of this experiment, though - I think maybe having those sense memories to call upon, and sketches to supplement the reference photos, made all the difference. So fingers crossed as I wait to hear about the Italy grant, and in the meantime, I wanted to share the new body of work with you: 

Roofs, Urbino, Italy 

Hillside, Urbino, Italy

Street Corner, Urbino, Italy

Piazza della Repubblica, Cortona, Italy

Via Mazzuoli, Cortona, Italy


Via Mazzuoli, Movimento, Cortona, Italy

Do you have any favorite places in Italy? Somewhere with a memory attached? Anywhere you long to visit, plan to go, have read about or heard about or seen in artwork?