Moving Forward

 I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways to involve others in my artwork more. Part of this is making my work more accessible, through an expanded product line, but I’m also interested in hearing more about what aspects of my work you respond to most and which you think could use some work. So this week, I’d like to turn this space over to you and your thoughts. I hope that this collaboration will be inspiring for everyone!

 First I’d like to apologize for the difficulty in submitting comments up to this point. I should explain that tumblr provides a designated page for this purpose, rather than using the more common method of commenting on individual blog posts. At any time, you can click on the words “Tell me!” at the top of the blog page to send a message to me. After I approve the message (just to keep out spambots!) it will be posted on here for all readers to see.  You can also click on the words “Ask me!” to submit a question. When I answer it, your question and my answer will be posted together so that everyone can read it.

I’ll have table linens and tea towels available soon, but I’m considering tote bags or t-shirts too. I’ve also been looking into producing prints – both new screenprinted designs and giclee print reproductions of painted silk pieces. If you can think of any of my designs you’d especially love to see on a product other than silk scarves, I’d love to hear about it!

I’m also interested in how others respond to my color choices. While I used to tend towards lighter, more subtle colors, I’ve been experimenting the past few years with more bold, vivid colors. (for examples of lighter colors, click here  or here, and to see the bolder palettes, click here  or here.) 

And from all of you in similar fields – if you’d like to comment on what decisions go into introducing a new product, please share!

And one final question – is there any particular technique that you are interested in learning more about? I’d love to introduce a regular feature on here where I explain, try out, or research a technique or medium… sharing the results with you, of course!

 Now tell me your ideas! Go!