Why I Worry

Sometimes I find myself wondering why I seem to worry so much over my artwork. I don’t normally see myself as a worrier, but when I have an idea forming, an idea that I am nearly ready to put into action, I find that I have to… well… worry about it for a while. Whether I am considering writing a blog post, creating a new design, experimenting with a new technique, or designing a new product, I worry about it - I agitate, I ponder, I become a little uncommunicative! I focus all of my attention on that point I am trying to nurture - it’s like I cannot take action without having this storm in my head first.

Lately, I’ve come to see this process as a healthy one rather than a disruptive one. The worry-time is a gestation period for the thoughts that are swirling around in my head, a time for images to fly by, and for problems to be solved. I become quiet because I am seeing what is inside, what is to come, rather than what is plainly apparent on the exterior.   

I am finding that this blog is changing that process somewhat. It’s easy for me to talk to you about how I create - how I make things, how I am inspired, how I put hand-to-silk, and that helps me think though my ideas and plans, so thank you Dear Reader! Where would I be without you?


 House Wren silkscreen on paper