French Coffee; French Landscapes

René Art is at Donderos’ Kitchen for the month of March. Both the Coffee Cup prints on paper and the silk paintings of the French experience are beautifully displayed together. The food at Donderos' is delicious, and the ambiance is fabulous - go check it out if you are in town! 590 N. Milledge Ave, Athens, GA, 30601

This is a precursor of the exhibit that will be in Paris at La Caféothèque this winter. Do come see if you won’t be able to make it to Paris for the opening!


Coffee Break


                                                                 Hunsrück Mountains, Germany


                                                                   Felletin, France


                                                       La Caféothèque, Paris, France

Coffee experiences. Lovely. Just wanted to share some of the varied shapes and servings and ambiances that make what we might call a ‘coffee break’. It’s my favorite time of the day - how about you?

Coffee Cups - really.

                                                                                      Issoire, France
    Let us share a cup of coffee together to celebrate the beginning of autumn! Today was our first day of coolness here, and I love when the temperatures start to drop, as the cool air gives me the energy to start creating again.
    During this past summer, I traveled for a few months in France and some of the neighboring countries. While there, I spent quite a bit of time observing - though sketches, photography, and note taking - while conducting research for upcoming art exhibitions scheduled through 2013-2014. There are two themes emerging for these exhibits so far, and I wanted to share some representative images with you so you can travel down this path of creativity with me. I’ll keep this blog - and “coffeecupress” on Instagram (please note, there is only one ‘p’ in the Instagram name) updated with images as I work on these projects. This photo represents the beginning of Theme #1: Coffee, coffee cups, tea, and other beverages.
Stay in touch to see how these photographs and sketches turn into finished art work. I’m looking forward to working hard in the studio and sharing the results with you!