Chartres-A Magical Town

Wandering Through Chartres

Recently I highlighted one particular building in Chartres, France: St. Aignan Church, because of its innate beauty, inspiring shape, light, and color. Today I have more images to share with you from Chartres, photos that I took while exploring the town. I found that one of the good things about staying at the Auberge de Jeunesse—the Youth Hostel—in Chartres is that you cannot remain there during the day; they close the hostel to clean and prepare for new guests, and this forced eviction (no sleeping late!) gives one a wonderful opportunity to wander the town.

Chartres, west of Paris, is home to the famous 13th century Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres. It is a magnificent building that sits on a hill, and when approaching the city one can see it from many miles away. Chartres is known for its stained glass windows, and they are beautiful. But my favorite detail, located at the west end of the Cathedral—the King’s entrance—is “my” lady. There, next to the entrance, is a statue lined up with the rest of her coterie, and she is special to me. She is known to be Charlemagne’s mother, Bertrada of Laon, and she is “mine” because a few years back I made a print of her.  It was her smile that first made me fall in love with her; I have always loved that smile, and her elegance.

Come wander the streets with me, and tell me about you own favorite street scenes.