In Honor of Love...

 exhibit at Ciné in Athens was extended, and all art is 14% off! The sale goes on through midnight on Valentine’s Day. Not local? Don’t worry! You can choose your painting and purchase your choice from my website, or feel free to text, phone or email me directly at, 706.424.4739, or just hit 'reply' to this email! All art is framed and ready to give as a gift to your loved one - or to yourself!

                                                               Orange Sky Over the Plain , painting on silk

                                                               Orange Sky Over the Plain, painting on silk

                                   La Rentrée  exhibit at Ciné in Athens, GA, USA

                                   La Rentrée exhibit at Ciné in Athens, GA, USA

Here is the complete collection of the work in the exhibit. Which one speaks to you?

Thanks for your patronage -- I love sharing my work with you!


Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!