How did February get to be so busy?

Do you feel as busy as I do? Not only is it the month of love, but apparently it is the month of art, too! Here is a list of the upcoming events I am participating (or teaching!) and I wanted to be sure you had the chance to add them to your calendar:


Love in All It’s Many Forms
KA Artist Shop

February 14 - March 31, 2017
Reception: Thursday, March 16th, 2017 7-9pm
127 N Jackson St. Athens, GA 30601 / Phone: 706-850-1224



Love On the Side
Creature Comforts Brewing Company

February 14 - Feb 25, 2017
Reception: Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 5-8 pm
271 W Hancock Ave. Athens, Ga 30601 / Phone: 706-410-1043



Solo Exhibition
Heirloom Cafe & Fresh Market

March through April, 2017
Reception: TBA
815 N. Chase St. Athens, Ga 30601 / Phone: 706-354-7901



Let There Be Art 2017
Invitational Art Show & Sale at Columbus Museum of Art

April 6-13, 2017
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, GA 31906



Solo Exhibition
Ville de Felletin, France

June 21 - August 19, 2017
Reception: TBA
12 place Charles-de-Gaulle 23500 Felletin, France / Phone: 05 55 66 51 11


Workshop - Silk Painting
KA Artist Shop

Saturday, March 11, 2017 1-5 PM, KA Artist Shop
127 N Jackson St. Athens, GA 30601 / Phone: 706-850-1224


A Sense of Design: My UGA experience + new workshop

Thanks,   University of Georgia Fabric Design Department!

Thanks, University of Georgia Fabric Design Department!

I was invited to teach silk painting at the University of Georgia Fabric Design Department this week. It felt like full circle; this is where I went to school, and although they do not teach silk painting at this time, this is where I learned this technique!

I will be teaching silk painting again Saturday, September 17 in Athens. Sign up here! If you’ve been thinking about expanding your artistic skills, this class will be a great opportunity to explore ideas and learn a new craft. We can start refining your design ideas and we can also discuss possible gifts for your friends and family. 

If you’ve taken the class before, I welcome and encourage taking it again! We will work on extending your skills to try something new. When I teach at KA Artist, we explore the possibilities of using a resist line to create a “drawing” with the gutta (or wax-like substance), but you could easily create a watercolor effect without the lines, or paint on a pre-treated silk that will keep the dye from spreading, or we can explore layering designs on the silk – there are many interesting effects to try out.

Blue is a Color of Relaxation

Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, and vintage Volvos. It is the color of wisdom, confidence and intelligence. Blue looks good on almost everyone, and brings a smile to people's faces. It is calming. Blue is also the color of the new Globe Athens t-shirts...designed by me!

Purchase a print  HERE

Purchase a print HERE


They are beautiful and fun, they support a local institution, and they let everyone who sees you know how much you love Athens! Only $15 at available only at The Globe, 199 N Lumpkin Street, downtown Athens, GA. (706) 353-4721

Come visit! I am so proud!


Successful Silk Painting Workshop at the Columbus Museum! 

The silk painting class held on April 30th at the Columbus Museum in Columbus, Georgia was a total success! 

We had a great group of participants, from a young lady who was celebrating her 14th birthday with us to a six-month-old baby accompanied by his Mom. It was a talented group of people who really enjoyed mixing and playing with colors, painting with dye, and experiencing the unique artistic qualities of silk. The results were outstanding!

Thanks to everyone who was there for sharing your time with me. I hope we can do it again soon!

As a matter of fact - in Athens, we can do it again soon.


The KA Artist Shop just scheduled my new silk painting class for Saturday afternoon, July 9th, from 1-5 p.m. The price is $85 which includes all supplies. We are adding another hour of class time (from three hours to four) to allow participants enough time to really enjoy the experience without feeling rushed, and we will provide snacks for encouragement and sustenance. 

What would you like to create on silk?



Café Grumpy Grand Central Terminal

Lexington Passage, New York City through May 31, 2016 

Discovering the Chattahoochee Valley: Silk paintings by René Shoemaker

The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Ga through July 2016

Spring Showcase

KA Artist Gallery, Athens, Ga through June 2, 2016