Creativity is a fascinating subject and always worth a long conversation. Can you imagine how many books have been written on it, and how many classes have been taught and how many hours have been spent by creative people trying to be - creative?

I personally find the subject an endless source of discussion. Last weekend I drove up to Waynesville, NC and visited my textile-artist friend Suzanne (whom I met at a creative event) and discussed creativity, and the art of, with her and her fine-woodworking husband, John


                                    Inspirational western North Carolina landscapes

This weekend, I am spending time with my daughter Kate discussing creativity - she is on her iPhone right now participating in a “tweet chat” (a conference via twitter) with hundreds of other creative people. On Saturday, Kate taught a class on block printing (and I was the class assistant!) at the Loft Art Supply in Athens, Ga. - so I got to play at creativity all day! 

Here are some photos from the Loft workshop. Kate will be posting more photos on Love & Reason this coming week - so keep your eyes open for it if you’d like to join us the next time she teaches a creativity class!

                                      Kelli cutting a corn cob for the pigeon she drew!

                                                      Rene inking geometric shapes.

    My sources of inspiration for the day, from upper left to right : R.Shoemaker Wren, C.Flight Speed, H.Matisse Le Retenu, R.Shoemaker N. Pope Street, and H.N.Werkman Compositie.