Waking Up

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I’m curious - really - to know what gets you out of bed in the morning. Write and tell me.  

For me, it’s:

        a) deadlines,

        b) anticipation on starting the day, and

        c) getting up to see the morning sky.

These are the types of thoughts that are running through my head while I am waking up. Ready to start the day!

For example, right now, because I am working towards this deadline of having beautiful silk items for sale by Dec 11 for the Athens Artist Market, I go to bed at night reviewing what I need to accomplish the next day, and I make a mental list of what should be done first, second, third - and then anything accomplished beyond that is gravy. That way I’m not stressed out from not being sure of what needs to be done when I go out to the studio. I get out of bed and can go straight to work (after walking the dog, of course) ironing a silk, or waxing a design that I drew the day before, or mixing colors for the next pillow.

Then it is very satisfying to take a mid-morning break: a cup of coffee while I survey the projects spread out around me. The studio is small but I am finding creative way of storing and drying my pieces… while not stepping on them! As I look at the white silks, the wooden frames, and the pots of dye, I can imagine the project complete, and I can see all the beautiful finished pillows lined up on the couch at the Indigo Hotel, the cards on a table, and the scarves all hanging neatly in a row ready for people to come in and try them on and fall in love with them. 

Here is a photo of the dyeing-in-progress from earlier today:

And in the photo below, you can see the texture and sheen and beautiful colors of one of the new shibori scarves I am working on, in the ice blue that I wrote about in my post last month. They are layered in colors of blue - dipping each one multiple times so that I can get layers of color that tell intriguing stories unique to each piece. They tell stories of landscapes and sky and roads that travel to unknown destinations.

And that is my happiest wish for you - that you can think about your mornings before you have to jump out of bed - and that you take the time to travel to unknown destinations just to discover what might be there.