Questions For You

As I write to you, I often wonder what you are expecting to find here - what do you expect to read, what are you looking for? I have not heard enough about You. I need your help to know what kind of topics you would like to see covered in this blog. I’ve been writing and sharing my world with you for 10 months now, and it is time to re-access what I am doing, to help me stay on track, before a whole year passes by. Can you help me out?

I must admit, it is sort of fun to work in a vacuum, to write, and to try to think about what others might be interested in. But I realized the other day that my writing might be more effective if I got some feedback…

Since January, some of the topics I’ve covered have been: introductions and interviews, tutorials, behind-the-scenes work, travel, plans and goals. Oh, yes - and a story about my fascination with the history of pockets!

Let me know which of these subjects have worked for you, and what you would like to see more of. 

Thanks, as always, for your continued interest. Making art is a lot of fun, and it is also lots of fun to share it!



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