Working with ARROW

This month, it’s been delightfully busy, and I think it is just a result of gearing up for the fall season. When it gets a little cool around here, all of us slower-than-molasses Georgia gals get crazy with excitement. This week, I could write about my experience with Rinne Allen and working with the great group at Arrow in Athens, but daughter Kate just created a post on her blog with photos of the event - so click here to see what we were up to! 

Kate has been encouraging me to post a dyeing tutorial - so I will do that in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, here are two more of her photos showing how much fun creating colors and watching the rainbow come to life at the workshop was: 

Here are two quick items to share with you this week:

1) The Birds silks that were at the Jittery Joe’s 5 Points location have flown the coop to live in New Hampshire! I received a call that a very nice woman wanting to purchase the birds as a set - she sang into the telephone:

   “I love them!

        They make me happy!

            They need to stay together as a flock!”

I am so pleased that they will be living on a lake in New Hampshire, happy to be together still.

  2) To help support our local gallery, ATHICA (Athens Institute for Contemporary Art), I took the silkscreen design that I had submitted to the Mystery Triennial exhibit and had it printed by the local print shop Satisfactory.  It was my first-ever professionally screened textile design! Satisfactory did a great job printing them up for us. The shirts are available at ATHICA, and would make a great gift for fans of Athens, the Chase Street Warehouses, Tracy Street Studios, or of course ATHICA itself!  A portion of the profits are donated back to ATHICA to help support the good work they do. 

Happy Fall season to all my friends!