Businesses That Inspire Me #2: American Giant

Sometimes I am so delighted by a business transaction that I feel compelled to share how good the experience - and the company - are. In this moment of admiration, I realize how much I can learn from a well-run, ethical company about how I should transact business with my customers. 

I first read about the apparel company American Giant on another blog post, and right away I knew this was a company I wanted to watch. The clothing looked comfortable and stylish, but it was the story that really grabbed my attention: American Made and Built to Last. I requested a catalog - because I love paper catalogs and getting things in the mail - and when it arrived I was even more pleased. The catalog was sumptuous, printed on nice heavyweight paper, with good color and layout, and great photography. The message was clear -  "We started American Giant with a simple goal: MAKE EXCEPTIONAL CLOTHES IN THE USA, AND OFFER THEM AT A FAIR PRICE."      

Wow - I like it! The attention to detail, the quality of the merchandise, and the way American Giant told their story all had me reaching for the “buy now” button. I ordered their newly released pant (“designed to fit and flatter every body type”) and essential hoodie, because for me - that is the perfect casual outfit!

Once I placed my order, the communication from the company was clear and timely. I was even more pleased with the speed of delivery. I received a message informing me that “The Pant” was so popular (even though it had just been introduced) that its expected ship date would be the day my zip hoodie was to arrive, but it turned out that it actually arrived with the rest of my order, making me very happy.

And oh, how I love a good box! Everything was packed neatly in a box that was just the right size. When my order arrived (so quickly!, even with free shipping), I had the perfect ensemble for travel, work, and kicking around town - a black fitted pant and a beautiful, comfortable, well-fitting black hoodie! I have been looking for the perfect black hoodie for a long time, and now I have found it. Once I tried my new purchases on, I realized how comfortable this outfit was. I was sold. So, lessons learned from this transaction are those I want to apply to my own practice:

  • Offer a great product (well made, timeless, and high quality and attention to detail).
  • Offer exceptional customer service (pay attention to your customer, anticipate questions, and keep in touch through every step of the transaction).
  • Use high quality, attractive packaging, and ship in a timely manner. 
  • Make the customer happy with their newly acquired item.
  • Offer Free returns - “any item, any reason, any time”
  • Include the Statement of Purpose everywhere - loud and clear and in easy to understand language

Now I can carry these lessons into my art business as it grows and blossoms. Planning for success means paying attention to lessons all around me.

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Thanks for being here! What businesses are inspiring you lately? I'd love to hear!


If you're in Athens, be sure to see this exquisite exhibition with artist and textile designer (& yet another business that inspires me) Sara Parker:

February 6th-24th @ UGA

Improvisation in Repeat is the result of a process of deconstruction and play. These pieces each execute a concept or set of guidelines which, while agreed on in advance, require reconsideration and improvisation at every stage of creation. The concepts on display range from a mathematical approach to color mixing, layering to create depth and density, and color blending via image masking and transparency.


Just a handful of images to give you a glimpse into my world. I am so fortunate to make work that I love and to travel!

Spring into New Ideas

Today is the first day of Spring. I love it!

Once again, it is a time for re-evaluation. I think I like to re-evaluate more than I like to work.

Oh well, realizing that is part of the process!

It’s a good thing I write (to you, to my journal, to my studio clip-board) so that I can keep some semblance of continuity to my moods and work cycles. Those work cycles not only ebb and flow throughout the day and the week, but by the month and year. We are having an early spring here, and it is definitely making me feel lighter and more free. I have big ideas, and a big art project I have been “thinking about” for the past 4 months - and this week has moved that project out of my head and into reality! I’m building something huge - literally - and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Over the winter, I became obsessed with the “business” of my art life (new website, blog, business cards, etc). Then it came to a point where I realized I really just want to create artwork: play with colors and lines, explore new ideas and media. I’ve been spending more time in the studio than at the computer, hanging out with the family, and entering juried art shows while applying for art scholarships. In the meantime, the wisteria has bloomed, and I do believe that a wisteria bloom is one of the most perfect things on this earth. 

Have I mentioned that I love to create? 

Spring has sprung. Tell me, how do you keep business work from taking over your creative time? What new ideas, sources of inspiration, and creative ideas do you have in your head you would like to share? What is it that you love to create?